CompTIA Security+ Course Description

Our CompTIA Security+ program will teach you the Technology you’ll need to learn to effectively pass the CompTIA Security+ Exam (Exam SY0-301).  Our Structured Learning Methodology provides you the Course Materials that will teach you Technology to be successful on the job and with passing your Security+ Certification Exam.  The Course Materials include the best CompTIA Security+ Hard Cover Book, Online CBT (Computer Based Training) and Online Practice Exam that will prepare you to Pass Your Security+ Certification Exam the first time.  In addition to this our Continuous Hands-On Lab Training will give you the Information Technology Security Skills to be confident and productive on the Job Day 1.

The CompTIA Security+ (Exam SY0-301) Consist of Training from all 6 Domains;

Domain 1.0 – Network Security

  • Security Function & Purpose of Network Devices & Technologies
  • Apply & Implement Secure Network Administration Principles
  • Distinguish & Differentiate Network Design Elements & Compounds
  • Implement & Use Common Protocols
  • Identify Commonly used default Network Ports
  • Implement Wireless Network in a Secure Manner

Domain 2.0 – Compliance & Organizational Security

  • Explain Risk related Concepts
  • Carry out appropriate Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Execute appropriate Incident Response Procedures
  • Importance of Security related Awareness & Training
  • Compare & Contrast aspects of Business Continuity
  • Impact & Proper use of Environmental Controls
  • Execute Disaster Recovery Plans & Procedures
  • Concepts of Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability (CIA)

Domain 3.0 – Threats & Vulnerabilities

  • Analyze & Differentiate among Types of Malware
  • Analyze & Differentiate among Types of Attacks
  • Analyze & Differentiate among Types of Social Engineering Attacks
  • Analyze & Differentiate among Types of Wireless Attacks
  • Analyze & Differentiate among Types of Application Attacks
  • Analyze & Differentiate among Types of Mitigation & Deterrent Techniques
  • Implement Assessment Tools & Techniques to Discover Security Threats & Vulnerabilities
  • Within the scope of Vulnerability Assessments, uses of Penetration Testing vs. Vulnerability Scanning

Domain 4.0 – Application, Data & Host Security

  • Importance of Application Security
  • Procedures to Establish Host Security
  • Importance of Data Security

Domain 5.0 – Access Control & Identity Management

  • Function & Purpose of Authentication Services
  • Fundamental Concepts & Best Practices related to Authentication, Authorization & Access Control
  • Implement Security Controls when Performing Account Management

Domain 6.0 – Cryptography

  • Summarize general Cryptography Concepts
  • Cryptographic Tools and Products
  • Core Concepts of Public Key Infrastructure
  • Implement PKI, Certificate Management & Associated Components

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