Cisco CCDA Course Description

Our Cisco CCDA program will teach you the Technology you’ll need to learn to effectively pass the Cisco CCDA Exam (Exam 640-863).  Our Structured Learning Methodology provides you the Course Materials that will teach you Technology to be successful on the job and with passing your CCDA Certification Exam.  The Course Materials include the best Cisco CCDA Hard Cover Book, Online CBT (Computer Based Training) and Online Practice Exam that will prepare you to Pass Your CCDA Certification Exam the first time.  In addition to this our Continuous Hands-On Lab Training will give you Cisco Internetworking Design Skills to be confident & productive on the Job Day 1.

The Cisco CCDA (Exam 640-863) Consist of Training from all 8 CCDA Domains;

CCDA-01 – Network Design Methodology

  • Describe SONA and IIN
  • Describe the Cisco PPDIOO Network Lifecycle
  • Identify Network Requirements to support the Organization
  • Characterize an existing Network
  • Describe the Top Down approach to Network Design
  • Describe Network Management Protocols & Features


CCDA-02 – Network Structure & Modularity

  • Describe the Cisco Enterprise Architecture
  • Describe the Modular Approach in Network Design
  • Describe the Cisco Enterprise Architecture


CCDA-03 – Basic Enterprise Campus Networks

  • Describe Campus Design considerations
  • Design the Enterprise Campus Network
  • Design the Enterprise Data Center


CCDA-04 – Enterprise Edge & Remote Network Module

  • List WAN Transport Technologies
  • Identify Business & Technology considerations for WAN Design
  • Design the Enterprise Edge
  • Design Branch & Remote Networks


CCDA-05 – IP Addressing & Routing Protocols

  • Explain IP Addressing
  • Describe Routing Protocols & Functions
  • Design a Routing Scheme to support Optimal Scalability & Network Performance


CCDA-06 – Security Services

  • Identify Security Risks
  • Define Security Policies
  • Design the Network Security Plans


CCDA-07 – Voice Networking Considerations

  • Describe Voice Architectures & Features
  • Describe Cisco IP Telephony
  • Identify Design considerations for Voice Services


CCDA-08 – Wireless Networking Considerations

  • Define Wireless Networking Technologies & Standards
  • Describe Cisco Unified Wireless Network Architecture
  • Design Wireless Networks for Efficiency, Security & Redundancy


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